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Project Management

A resource and guide to project management.

For project managers, project board members, project teams and anybody else involved in project management. Also for those looking for project management training.

There is information about the various aspects of project management, links to useful web sites and resources to download.

Project Managers

help with methods, techniques to manage your project and your team more effectively.

Business Managers

gain an understanding of the process so that you can work with your project managers and teams better.

Project Management Students

help with finding a suitable course, understanding the subject and gaining professional qualifications

What is a project

A project - as opposed to day-to-day operational work has: A timescale - with an ultimate delivery date. End products - deliverables. A business case - costs and benefits. Risks - things can go wrong. A project team - to manage and deliver.


sometimes known as Rapid Application Development (RAD) approaches to projects tend to focus very much focus on delivery to timescales. They are based on the premise that for some (but definitely not all) projects - it is worth sacrificing some of the end products - and compromising on quality - in order to deliver on time.


There are many approaches to project management and the project lifecycle - raning from traditional structured approaches to rapid / agile development techniques.

Traditional structured project management

In this approach a project is broken down into a series of structured phases: Start Up and Initiation. Product Delivery and Control. Project Closure.

Process model

These phases are expressed as a Process Model with seven distinct processes covering each set of activities required to manage a project.

How it works

the Process Model states that the Project Business Case should be reviewed and updated throughout a project - and defines specific points where this should be done. The Business Case Theme provides guidance on what should be in a Business Case and how to develop one.


This is a particular characteristic of some IT projects - although the Agile approach can also be applied in other spheres.


The basic principles of project management - what is a project - deliverables - business case - risk - timescales.

Project Timescale

A project has a defined start, middle and - most importantly - an end date. The projected closue date may change as the project progresses - but ultimately a project is something that will come to an end.